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Property Developer: My Citihomes
Project Location: Brgy.Panungyanan, General Trias, Cavite
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: FLoor Area: 54 sqm
Price Range: Php 2,123,000 and up

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Sabella Village By My CitiHomes

Feel the breeze of the countryside amid the extraordinary landscape of the Sabella Village Gen. Trias. In this enchanting village, the young and the young-at-heart can do lifestyle-changing activities which residents from other residential developments can’t do within their community.

This detailed plan community is owned and built by MyCitiHomes, an organization which focuses on developing raw lands into worthwhile residential and commercial communities. Furthermore, this 47-hectare awesome house and lot community development for sale at the heart of Cavite is a masterpiece of expert architect and urban planner Felino “Jun” Palapox, Jr. In partnership with MyCitiHomes, Palafox & Associates, the Sabella Village becomes a master-planned residential community designed to enable families to live harmoniously with nature in an unformidable bond.

The village introduces two house designs (in 2-story configurations) that capture the hearts of home buyers across the country. Aside from the two captivating home models that you can choose from, one of the highlights of this precious community is the 3-hectare Eco-park inside the community with a remarkable man-made pond. Here, residents can have boating and fishing activities along with their families.

There are other main features the village has to offer. Sabella Village is the long-awaited community development from Architect Palafox, the man who has 45 years of experience in architecture and 43 years in urban-planning. Surprisingly, you can have a piece of this paradise for just a fraction of the price of other high-end communities in Metro Manila.

The Sabella Village is located along the Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Avenue, Brgy. Panungyanan, Gen. Trias City, Cavite. The site is less than 8km from downtown Gen. Trias. The Villa is just 500 meters away from the Panungyaman Elementary School and a stone’s throw away from the Don Rufino’s Private Pool. The Riviera Golf Club, Inc. and the Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club are within the site’s 2km radius.

The Gateway Business Park is a quick 3km away north of the site, while the First Cavite Industrial Estate and the Purefoods- Hormel Company are farther north. The Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Avenue is the main road that traverses the Sabella Village which leads to different key destinations throughout Cavite and Metro Manila.

The Sabella Village Gen. Tria Cavite offers some of the industry’s most durable and alluring homes under MyCitiHomes’ stunning Home Design Series. In Sabella, you may choose among two house designs with modern contemporary architecture that feature 2-story Single Attached Townhouse and 2-story Single Detached Townhouse. Available lot areas range from 50 to 100sqm and floor areas that range from 50 to 81sqm. Current price range for these two house models is between Php1,599,00 to Php2,696,000, one of the lowest price ranges in a residential development with distinctive and nature-infused amenities and first-class facilities.

At the Sabella Village Gen. Trias, it is envisioned “ be a village where residents have a sense of responsibility and respect for people and the environment. People are engaged and are productive together. Within the family, there’s a stronger family bond. Within the village, there’s a growing Bayanihan spirit of communal unity and cooperation. All of these will surely bring about the pride of ownership and sense of contentment”, said Rosie Tsai (MyCitiHomes’ CEO), during the project’s launching.

Model houses at the Sabella Village Gen. Trias

  • Callista House Model: The Callista home unit is a 2-story Single Attached Townhouse with a floor area of 81sqm and a whopping lot area of 100sqm. The housing unit features 4-BR, 2 T&B, 2 carports, a service area, and partition walls on all house sections (including bedrooms; bathrooms; and living, dining, and kitchen areas). This posh house model has a complete set of wooden (riser, nosing, tread) and metal (handrail and baluster) stairways and larger areas for backyard and front lawn (ideal for a garden). All bedrooms (including the master’s bedroom) are located on the second floor with one T&B while the other bathroom is on the first floor. 
  • Aliyah House Model: This housing unit comes with a floor area of 50sqm and a lot area of 50sqm. The Aliyah house model has a 3-BR, 1 T&B, a carport, and a service area. However, only the bathroom and bedrooms have partition walls, while the living, dining, and kitchen areas have none. You can customize this layout for your preferred arrangement. The ground floor has the bathroom while all 3 bedrooms are upstairs (including the master’s bedroom). It comes with a complete set of wooden (riser, nosing, tread) and metal (handrail and baluster) stairways.

Sabella Village is a stylish and vibrant residential space designed by ace developers My CitiHomes. The area consists of lots and homes that ensures complete privacy yet keeps one the part of a gated community. The countryside locale of the residences makes it refreshing and peaceful a settlement for the residents. The extraordinary landscape and lush green surroundings away from the chaos of the city light helps in holistic development and well-being of the residents. The lots or homes are available in different size depending on the requirement of the buyers. It is perfect place to invest in for first time buyers. The lots or homes are great for singles, newly married couples as well as expanding families. The residential village has a number of amenities to keep the people engaged and entertained.

Sabella Village is a perfect place with enchanting architecture and enticing surroundings. The community encourages people to stay young at heart with a number of lifestyle changing activities and amenities. It is strategically located along the Brgy. Panungyanan, General Trias in the city of Cavite with the unit sizes ranging from 50 to 100 square meters. The layout and the detailed community planning is done by MyCitiHomes which is known for converting acres of raw lands into sustainable residential and commercial plots. The community is developed by MyCitiHomes in association with experienced master planners Palafox & Associates. The developers are known to develop acres of lands in inspiring residential addresses.

The architecture is done by master urban planner Felino “Jun” Palapox with each units designed for comfort and luxury. The community is designed in a way that families and individuals can live harmoniously in a society with complete privacy. All the homes or units in the village are 2-storey and consists of two designs. The captivating models are perfect for everyone varying in size as per the requirement. There are two types of model houses present in the village which are Callista House Model and Aliyah House Model.

The Callista House Model is a 2-story single attached townhouse measuring 81 square meters in floor area with a lot area of 100 square meters. The house is well designed and equipped with posh interiors and amenities. The unit consists of 4-BR along with 2 T&B, space for 2 carports, service area and a partition wall in all the rooms. The unit consists of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and dining with kitchen area. The stairways leading to the top is a mix of wooden riser, nosing & tread with metal handrail and baluster. There is a large lawn and a backyard. The bedrooms are located on the second floor.

Aliyan House Model is slightly different in terms of construction, design and amenities. It is slightly smaller measuring 50 square meters of floor area and a lot area of 50 sqm. It has 3-BR with 1 T&B, a carport and a service area. This model is perfect for singles and smaller families. The layout can be customized depending on the requirement. All the 3 BR are upstairs and the ground floor has the bathroom. The stairways are a mix of wood and metal. 

The residential village is designed in a way that a large amount of the space is dedicated to open space. One of the most fascinating things about the residential village is the 3-hectare Eco-park with a man made pond. It is refreshing for the residents and offers activities such as boating and fishing. This is a recreational aspect and is definitely an attractive highlight of the village. Designed by Architect Palafox, the whole of the community is designed in a way that improves the standard of living for the residents. With nearly 45 years of experience in architecture and urban planning, the best standards of construction and design is applied for the society. With so many amenities and features, the price of the houses is not very high and perfect for first time property investors. 

Located along the Crisanto M. D Los Reyes Avenue, it has a number of landmarks in close proximity. It is quite close to downtown Gen. Trias with a distance of less than 8km. One of the prominent landmarks close to the residential village is the Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club. There are a number of educational institutions, restaurants, dining place, church, banks, marketplace, shopping malls etc. in close proximity adding to the comfort for the residents. There are a number of offices and commercial buildings located close by making it an ideal place for young professionals. The Gatewat Business Park is just 3km north of the Sabella Village. The main road i.e. the Crisanto M. D Los Reyes Avenue is well connected to a number of metropolitan cities like Manila. 

The house units at Sabella Village are inspired by modern contemporary architecture featuring 2-story single attached and detached townhouse. The developers have developed the property with respect to the environment, surrounding and the people. There is a growing Bayanihan spirit of communal unity and co-operating within the residential community. The village not only helps in wholesome development and well-being but ensures residents to stay healthy and mindful. The residential property in infused with amazing amenities and first class facilities. 

The Sabella Village homes are currently is in pre-selling stage and is the best time to start investing in the property. The developers help with easy and convenient payment scheme including installment options. The homes are strategically planned so that it is easily accessible via both public and private transport system. It is even close to the public transport transit system so that residents can easily commute from one place to another. The community is designed by one of the best master urban planners of the country, keeping in mind the need for peace and calm without harming the environment.

The residential village is definitely a paradise for retired people or nature lovers with the 3-hectare eco-park to relax and spend time in. It is a great place for people from every walks of people. The senior citizens can spend their golden days pursuing a number of engaging activities like community gardening, harvesting, create arts & craft, start a baking business etc. It is a great place for everyone to start with their commercial business within the community creating opportunities for small to medium enterprises. 

Within the village, there is a great scope for entrepreneurs. As a startup, operators will be sourced from outside of the community and as the business grows with increasing buyers and homeowners, the entrepreneurs can move inside. This is a great way to keep people engaged in activities while they pursue a hobby and skill. The whole process of purchasing a home inside the village community is not that complicated and full support is provided by real estate developer. With flexible payment schemes, it is an amazing place to invest in for first time buyers as well as for investing in property. The real estate developers apart from bank and in-housing financing options accept payment even via Pag-Ibig.

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My CitiHomes Sabella Village in General Trias, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Sabella Village, then check here first. We have full details of Sabella Village updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Sabella Village For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Aliyah - Townhouse ₱ 2,123,000 LA: 50 / FA: 54 Other Cuts Available

Why Invest In  Sabella Village

Currently at a preselling status

The Sabella Village Gen. Trias is in pre-selling stage at this moment. MyCityHomes offers financially-practical products where you have all the freedom to choose your home that fits your savings. Moreover, homes at the Sabella are strategically planned to be accessible anytime either via private or public transport. As part of the company’s practical solution to the housing shortage in this part of Cavite, they decided to continue the initial price offering during the launching date (albeit with slight changes without prior notice). On this regard, you have still the chances to place your reservation fee (also one of the lowest in the industry) to seal an opportunity to own a piece of a unique paradise in Gen. Trias.

This is also your chance to live in a community designed by one of the country’s masters in the field, Architect Palafox, Jr. Once you have your reservation fee paid, it would be the start of a short process of owning your dream home. Paying the down payment (DP) is next, which is payable in monthly amortization without interest before you can choose your balance of payment method. Contact our most trusted and licensed real estate agent on this website for more details on how to make a reservation and other details about the Sabella Village Gen. Trias.

Terrific home for the retirees or garden lovers

Just imagine what the Sabella Village can do to more people in all walks of life. Oldies can take their daily walk to the community garden to do gardening, with the help of the company’s gardeners/ technicians. It was revealed in a recent study that gardening may bring a lot of health benefits, especially to the elderly. Furthermore, seniors citizens or residents can harvest the produce to serve to their family or sell some in the weekend market, which, fortunately, is a part of the community’s master plan. This well-thought of a plan is to organize and to bring together operators and suppliers of food products; arts and craft; native cottage industry products; and artisan baked goods, into the planned commercial area of Sabella. At the same time, there will be opportunities for small to medium enterprises to do business inside the community.

As a start-up, operators/entrepreneurs will be sourced from outside of the community which will eventually go to residents of Sabella once there are more buyers/homeowners who will move into their new homes. Residents of Sabella will then be given priority to rent a stall at the planned commercial area which they will surely benefit from the business opportunities. This will promote self-sufficiency among homeowners/residents. The scheme is more like an earning investment while earning more in the residents’ skills or hobby. A nice one, indeed!

Aside from Bank/In-house financing, also payable via Pag-Ibig

MyCitiHomes has one of the most flexible payment schemes in the industry. Payment schemes are made easier to allow first-time investors to be prepared for multiple payment options based on their financial preferences. The company believes that you deserve to own your dream home in easy payment options that will not burden your finances. A house and lot property at the Sabella Village Cavite can be paid in instant cash, though. But if you don’t have the financial capacity at this time, you can pay the balance of payment through In-house or Bank Financing. Surprisingly, this high-end design residential development can be yours through Pag-Ibig financing. This is the most popular payment option among government employees, OFWs, self-employed individuals, and other segments of society who want to own their dream home in a reliable payment method. To know more about the various payment methods the company offered, especially about Pag-Ibig financing, check out our licensed real estate representatives on this website (or have a brief chat with them) for more details about Sabella Village Gen. Trias.

MyCitiHomes and Palafox & Associates is the team to beat

Citi Homes Builder & Development, Inc. (or simply MyCitiHomes) is committed to bring you the best living experience with your home because they care to serve you better. This company has been an established and well-respected mixed-use community builder with an ardent respect for the environment. MyCityHomes was established in March 1983, engaging in the business of real estate development with a responsibility. Similarly, Palafox & Associates has their own design philosophies that make brilliant homes more conducive to living. This architectural firm’s more than four decades in design and urban planning makes a perfect partnership in building the Sabella Village. On the other hand, MyCitiHomes’ products are one of the most affordable in the industry while the quality is never compromised. Aside from the Sabella Village Gen.Trias, some of MyCitiHomes’ awesome projects include the Amaris Homes Dasma, Natania Homes Gen. Trias, IL Giardino Residences Gen. Trias, and the Liora Homes Gen. Trias, among others. With an extensive portfolio tucked under their belts for both companies, your investment is definitely in great hands!

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