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Mesmerizing amenities and facilities at the Sabella Village Cavite.

Aside from the stunning 3-hectare Eco-Tourism Park and the fascinating man-made lagoon at the Sabella Village, this fantastic village offers more refreshing amenities and brilliant facilities considered revolutionary in nature. Here, you will find a community garden where residents can plant vegetables, flowering plants, herbs, and other sensible crops.

The company provides technical assistance for those who want to do this kind of gardening. The project also has a mini zip line, trampoline, and rock climbing facilities, and other outdoor activities, for those who want weekend adventures right in the comfort of their home. These activity enhancing facilities will make your kids more active during their spare time, thus, preventing them from a sedentary lifestyle that keeps them glued to their gadgets once in a while.

Furthermore, the project will be having commercial spaces where residents can sell their produce while others can offer services (like professionals, etc.) for a fee. This could be an additional income for residents.

Moreover, the Sabella community has its own clubhouse, children’s playground, adult swimming pool, lap pool, kiddie pool, jogging and walking paths, landscaped gardens, meditation garden, spa, and other brilliant amenities. The site has a landscaped gated entrance/exit with guardhouse and 24/7 security. There are numerous CCTV cameras placed in common areas, roving guards within the property round-the-clock, perimeter fence, and other impressive security features. 

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The excellence of any residential community is marked by the amenities it is infused with. The Sabella Village is equipped with world class amenities and state of the art infrastructure that promotes a healthy and safe living. One of the most mesmerizing and stunning features is the 3-hectare eco-tourism park that consists of a man made lagoon offering activities like boating and fishing. It is a perfect place indulging in community gardening activities. The residents can plant vegetables, flowering plants, herbs, shrubs, etc. The eco-tourism park is designed to promote organic farming and gardening as community activity.

There is complete technical and professional assistance provided to those willing to involve in organic farming and gardening. The village has many other features apart from the eco-park like mini zip line, rock climbing, trampoline and an array of outdoor activities. There are a number of adventure activities to keep the residents fit and improve their lifestyle. It is important to stay engaged in some or the other physical activities for better health which is well promoted by the real estate developers through their sustainable community driven project. 

The community is perfect for holistic growth and development of kids preventing adopting a sedentary lifestyle. The open space and ambience with large playground ensure that the kids play during their spare time. The project not only encourages kids but also the senior citizens to take part in community gardening and farming. There is commercial space available for the residents to sell their cultivation and produce. The residents can also offer professional services for a free and this is a great source of income for stay at home individuals. 

The Sabella Village has its own clubhouse, playground for children, large adult swimming pool, kiddie & lap pool, well landscaped garden, jogging paths, walking paths, meditation garden, spa and a huge number of well-designed amenities. The security is well maintained to ensure that residents are safe within the premises. There is an entrance and exit gate with a guardhouse to ensure every visitor is checked of their visit. The 24 x 7 security service secures the residents. The common areas are equipped with CCTV cameras and roving guards move around the property 24 x 7 to monitor the premises.

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